What Every Digital Marketer Needs to Know About GDPR

For those that don’t know, GDPR stands for (General Data Protection Regulation) On May 25th, these new laws will take effect that change the way personal data is collected and used online.  These rules apply to anyone and everyone who markets online.

Navigating data regulations is never easy, so it’s understandable that becoming GDPR compliant may feel a little overwhelming, but we’re all in this together.

The folks at Digital Marketer have done a good job of summarizing everything you need to know about the new regulations…

“The new GDPR rules go into effect in less than a month (May 25th to be exact), and if you find yourself unsure how or if GDPR applies to you, you’re not alone.

GDPR is about processing personal data. For example, something as simple as having someone’s name and email address. If you have data from citizens of the EU, you’ll need to comply.

And failure to comply is NO JOKE.

Fines have gone up to €20 million or 4% of your worldwide turnover for the last 12 months.

Now, if you’re a small company, you might think, “Those fines are for big companies, like Facebook. Even if it’s a law, who’s going to find out if I’m doing anything wrong? Who’s going to enforce it, etc.?”

Even if you’re not being slapped with heavy fines, there will be reputational damage for not complying. And with all eyes on the commercial use of personal data right now,…”

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