Quick Infographic Hack to Video Ad Platform Sizes

What’s Up Tribe, Eddie Woods here! If you are a consistent reader of my Digital RockStar TV posts, then you know that I preach all the time about how important it is for all of you business owners and entrepreneurs to start using video to market your businesses. I continuously beat the drum of using video and I will keep doing so as long as video remains THE MOST powerful way to connect with your audience and sell your products and services.

So if you’re ready to heed my advice and you’re interested in marketing your business by using Video Ads on Social Media, or if you’ve already made the smart move to video, then I think that you will want to see this extremely helpful infographic that I posted below (which was originally posted by the fine folks at Clix Marketing). Since there are so many different popular social media platforms to choose from, that all have different video ad sizes that are required for each platform, it can be quite confusing when trying to figure out which size video ad that you need to use on which platform.

Well fret no more because this awesome Infographic is here rescue you!