How Lady Boss Kaelin Poulin Launched an 8 Figure eCom Business

I’ve spoken at length about the importance of having a highly converting funnel to sell your products and services through your online marketing campaigns. If you want to see the anatomy of what a truly successful online marketing funnel consists of, then you should watch this webclass replay.

My buddy Russell Brunson hosted an outstanding webclass the other day for one of his students who’s online funnels have absolutely blown up.  Kaelin Poulin “LadyBoss” shared her emotional story of how she went from absolute “zero” to 8-Figures over the last 3 years.

During her presentation, Kaelin takes you behind the scenes of her 8-Figure LadyBoss movement that is impacting more than 1.3 Million women.

She also shares three insider secrets behind their rapid success:

Secret #1 You Don’t Need A Product…Yet. (And the secret, “almost backwards process” Kaelin & Brandon used to launch their first funnel that paid their bills and bought them groceries BEFORE they even started creating a product!
Secret #2 How (Kaelin) Built Her Successful Online Business From Her Kitchen Table Using Only Her Laptop And An Iphone…(even though her only “tech” ability was turning on a TV!)
Secret #3 How They Siphoned MILLIONS Of People From Surfing The Internet To Her Sales Funnels, and Turned Them Into Customers Instantly…Without Them Ever Hearing Of Her Before!
But more importantly, Kaelin kept things 100% REAL on the webclass (in true LadyBoss fashion…), sharing her less-than-glamorous stories that almost every start-up entrepreneur can relate to.
Go ahead and watch the webclass now!