How to Create A Sales Funnel

My buddy Jason Drohn has written a really great article about how to create a sales funnel. Sales funnels have become super important to have when you’re targeting prospects online. Jason goes into detail about what you need to have in your funnel, how to split test different funnels so you know which one performs the best, retargeting funnel traffic, and how to analyze the data from your funnels. Ck it out.

“In this article, we talk about how to create a sales funnel that works in a way that allows you to automate your marketing and helps you scale your income on autopilot.

Sales funnels are where marketing meets sales for every business, virtually. But what exactly are sales funnels and how do you create a sales funnel for your business online?

Digital sales funnels or online marketing funnels are an elaborate arrangement of different tools and elements.

‘Typically, when you create a sales funnel you will need to include the components of a complete inbound marketing system, like traffic sources, ads, offers, landing pages, email marketing, split testing. All of these marketing elements are combined and streamlined with the goal to help leads get into your sales pipeline and convert into customers.’

In other words, when you set up a sales funnel, you have a complete online marketing system that allows you to attract people who are interested in your product and, with the right tactics and strategies, lead them to develop a lifetime of …”

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