6 Facebook Ad Mistakes That Your Business Should Avoid

Eddie Woods, here – I talk to different business owners every single day probably 30 times a day.  And one of the marketing methods that most business owners are interested in and have questions about is Facebook ads for their business. Facebook offers one of the largest advertising platforms to it’s users, but it’s also one of the most daunting to use.

The lure of Facebook advertising is intoxicating to businesses because they have over 2 billion users, so it makes sense to try to reach your customers there. But the Facebook advertising platform is not as straight forward to navigate as one might think.

It can be very frustrating for business owners to try to navigate the Facebook ad tool without having prior experience with using it. Hell, I know very experienced marketers who still have trouble with all of the features, and Facebook doesn’t make it easy either, as they seem to think that their ad tool is more intuitive than it actually is.

If you’re interested in advertising on Facebook then you should definitely study these top 6 mistakes that you need to avoid with Facebook Ads.

“Facebook ads can take up a significant amount of a marketing budget. That might be okay if you’re getting good results, but too many marketers advertise on Facebook without methodical approaches. They then find themselves experiencing the same Facebook-related pitfalls.

#1. Overlooking Video as a Marketing Method

Research from BuzzSumo indicates a decline in engagement with many types of posts. Facebook reports that up to 15,000 pieces of content could appear in a person’s feed each time they log onto Facebook. There’s more content being made than there is time to absorb it.

BuzzSumo reviewed a year’s worth of content and engagements on Facebook and found that although posts with images and links show a decline in interactions, that’s not true for video posts. In fact, there was a 10 percent increase in engagement over the past year with these types of posts.

Yet video posts are still nowhere near as prominent as other kinds of content on Facebook. Marketers have an opportunity to fill the void and gain traction by creating video-based ads…..”

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