Someone visits your site. They browse your offerings and even put a product in their cart. But something distracts them, and they walk away, closing their browser window. Maybe they ask themselves whether they really need it… Or perhaps one of the kids came in the room and got them focused on something else…

Whatever the case may have been, they showed enough interest to click ‘Add to Cart.’

So, what if you could remind them about the product sitting in their cart after a few days? What if you could send them a short message, reiterating the value of your offerings? What if you could pull the ones who seem to have gotten away back in?

You can with retargeting.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is a digital marketing strategy that allows you to display custom ads to leads who have already visited your site but haven’t yet made a purchase.

By crafting a punchy message and coupling it with eye-catching visuals, you can draw those previously interested people back into your fold. Our team of experienced graphic designers and in-house copywriters can create the perfect message to grab hold of your leads and bring them successfully back through your sales funnel.

How Retargeting Can Benefit Your Business…

Research has shown that the average click-through rate (CTR) of retargeted ads is ten times that of regular display ads. And this makes complete sense. If someone has already visited your site, they’re more likely to visit it again – especially if they had a positive experience.

But that’s not all. Retargeting also boosts conversion rates. In fact, statistics show that retargeting can boost conversion rates by up to 50%!

And best of all, retargeting saves money. Since you’re showing your ads to people who have already shown an interest in your business, they’re the ripest audience you can imagine. They aren’t just people who have expressed a general affinity for your niche. They’ve gone so far as to visit your site… maybe even put items in their cart! You’ll never find a more clearly targeted audience. And every cent you spend on retargeting is worth ten cents or more spent on normal display ads.

So, if you want to boost CTRs, conversion rates, ad spend efficiency, and revenue, there’s simply no easier way than retargeting.

How Will Digital RockStar Agency Use Retargeting to Help My Business?

Our team of expert digital marketers will help you create effective retargeting campaigns by…

Creating Ads for Every Audience Segment

Retargeting relies on deep customization. You want your ads to be tailored for the exact situation that your lead is in. So, if they just visited your site and browsed for two to five minutes your retargeted ad will look different than the one shown to the person who almost checked out but stopped at the last possible moment.

We’ll help you segment your customers and develop ads that are designed to meet them exactly where they are.

Monitoring and Testing

Developing a successful retargeting campaign requires more than just setting it up and letting it run. If you’re going to experience long-term success, you’ll need us to continue refining your campaigns, conducting A/B testing, and looking for more opportunities to retarget valuable leads.

Implementing Social Media-Based Retargeting Ads

Facebook and Instagram give you the ability to display custom ads to people who have previously interacted with your site. This leads to greater engagement with your brand and a higher likelihood of converting those customers. Statistics show that Facebook retargeting ads perform three times better than normal FB ads.

When you couple social media-based retargeting ads with a robust digital marketing strategy, you can’t lose.

If you want to take advantage of retargeting ads to draw previously engaged customers back in, contact Digital RockStar Agency today. We’re one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Westport, CT.

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