Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Reputation Management: All it Takes is One Review

You’re doing your best to keep your business running smoothly. You’ve put systems in place to keep things from slipping through the cracks. But negative reviews can still happen. And when they do, it can create major problems for your business.

All it takes is a single review to throw everything off track.

Why You Need a Reputation Management Solution…

Negative reviews – even a single one – can impact your business and website in a number of different ways, including:

Lower Search Engine Rankings.

There are a lot of different factors that go into Google’s algorithms. In fact, we don’t even know all the specifics because it’s their secret sauce, and they’re unwilling to share. However, we do know that negative reviews can impact your SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) rankings in a big way.

In 2010, a certain website (that had terrible customer service and reviews) bragged about their number one ranking for a few major keywords. Google caught wind of it and immediately altered their algorithm – making customer reviews a major factor in your site’s search rankings.

What does this mean for your business?

If you get hit with negative reviews, your site will take a dive in the SERP rankings. And Google looks for reviews across platforms, not just those left through Google My Business. So, whether you’ve gotten badmouthed on Facebook, Yelp, or elsewhere, search engines will find it and penalize you.

Lower Trust in the Eyes of Customers.

Negative reviews don’t just impact your SERP rankings, though. When a prospective customer stumbles onto your site, one of the first things he’ll do before making a purchase is check your reviews.

What will he find if he googles your business’s name?

All it takes is a few negative reviews to send a prospective customer running. And as customers begin avoiding your business, it makes it that much harder to get the positive reviews you need to outweigh any negative ones. It’s a dangerous spiral that your business can’t afford to go down.

Lower Revenue.

If negative reviews cause a chain reaction that results in lower SERP rankings and decreased customer trust, what does it mean for your bottom line?

Research has shown that poor reviews on Google (as well as TripAdvisor, Facebook, and Yelp) can have a significant, negative impact on your business’s revenue. Businesses with a 1- to 2-star rating bring in 12% to 22% less revenue than their average competitors. And Forbes has reported that 94% of shoppers avoid low rated companies.

In short, negative reviews can create major problems for your business.

But they don’t have to be insurmountable.

Reputation Management: A Key Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is more than content and keywords. A strong reputation management plan is essential for maintaining a positive online image. Our team of consultants can help you build and preserve the kind of reputation that creates positive word-of-mouth for your business.

Robust reputation management plans involve two prongs: encouraging positive word-of-mouth while tamping down on any negative. When both of these pieces are in place, you’ll find your online reputation gaining genuine momentum.

How Will Digital Rockstar Agency Help My Business’s Online Reputation?

Encouraging Positive Word-of-Mouth

We’ll help you create more opportunities for happy customers to leave positive feedback. Then, we’ll craft press releases and blog posts that are designed to increase your brand awareness and authority. And we’ll use your social media presence to cultivate the kind of reputation that your customers value.

Suppressing Negative Press

Though we can’t remove negative reviews, we can mitigate their impact. The simplest way to do this is by responding to them. When you interact with your customers – even those who are dissatisfied – it shows that you care. And if you’re wiling to extend an olive branch, they might remove their negative review all on their own.

In cases where your customers are unwilling to budge, we can work through a variety of channels to suppress and remove reviews – especially if they’re untrue or border on libel.

Keeping Our Pulse on Your Reputation

Our team of digital marketing experts will monitor the web for mentions of your business, keeping the pulse of its online reputation. They’ll promote positive stories and reviews while quashing negative ones. And the result will be an impeccable reputation that gives your customers confidence and peace of mind.

We can help you build a better reputation – one positive review at a time.

If you want to make sure that your online reputation remains secure, contact Digital Rockstar Agency today. We’re one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Westport, CT.

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