PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) can be a blessing or a curse. When effectively implemented, it has the power to put your marketing efforts into overdrive. But if poorly planned and optimized, it will be little more than a drain on your advertising budget.

So, how can you be confident that every dollar spent on PPC is put to good use?

We at Digital RockStar Agency have years of experience in pay per click advertising. And we’ve developed an approach that works, helping clients reach a narrowly focused audience and moving them from prospective to actual customer. We design every step of your advertising campaign with that end in mind, from the ad copy to the landing page and beyond.

Get the Visitors YOU Want with Pay Per Click Advertising

Developing a successful PPC campaign involves more than just writing a couple lines of text and throwing money at Google Ads. It requires close monitoring, refining keywords, and more. And when you’re already running a business, staying on top of your PPC campaign can be overwhelming.

We create highly targeted ads that speak directly to your prospective customers. They’re built on in-depth research into how your audience thinks. Then, they’re tailored to connect, compel, and convert.

Don’t get left behind the competition with poorly optimized digital marketing efforts. Allow us to create a campaign that brings the right customers to your site, without wasting ad dollars.

PPC Strategies that Work Over the Long-Term

Getting potential customers to click on your link is one thing. Getting them to convert is entirely different.

That’s why we offer a comprehensive approach to PPC that works over the long haul. We don’t just target the right customers at the beginning of their journey, we help you stay connected to them all the way through – maximizing the return on every ad dollar you spend.

Our Pay Per Click Advertising Services

Digital RockStar Agency’s holistic approach to paid digital marketing involves several different steps. And we’ll come alongside you and walk you through each one, ensuring your success.

Target Your Ads with Keywords

Having the right keywords is essential for any successful campaign. So we use some of the most advanced keyword research tools available on the market to ensure your ads are drawing in the right customers at the most effective price. And we can use Google Ad’s audience targeting tool to help you narrow your ads’ focus even further, by demographics, location, and interests.

Maximize Ad Spend through Automated Bidding

While you can set definite amounts that you’re willing to spend for a particular ad and keyword, Google also offers several ways to automate your bidding. This allows you to set a goal and let the platform do the rest. These bidding strategies include…

  • Maximize Clicks – If you’re only interested in getting the highest number of visitors to your site as possible, the ‘maximize clicks’ strategy will get the job done.
  • Maximize Conversions – If your budget is limited and you want to focus on the people who are most likely to convert, ‘maximize conversions’ is the route to take. It will use data about your campaign and the current context to determine the likelihood of someone actually following through with a purchase – and show ads accordingly.
  • Target ROAS – If you’re looking to get a certain return on ad spend (ROAS), you’ll want to use this method. It’s a great tool if you’re able to track revenue through your site because it allows you to use that data to maximize conversions and revenue
  • Target CPA – If you want to reach as many people possible at a set cost per conversion (CPA), this is the approach you’ll want to take.

Build Your Ads

Once we’ve gotten your keywords and bidding strategies nailed down, we’ll create compelling ads that convert. Each PPC ad is built to draw your target audience in with effective ad copy. And since experimentation is a huge part of developing high-quality, digital marketing campaigns, we’ll develop a variety of different approaches so we can hone in on the very best.

Manage Your Google Ads

Setting up a successful Google Ad goes deeper than just writing ads and choosing the right bidding strategy. A poorly optimized and setup campaign will negatively impact your cost per click. And it can make collaborating with others a nightmare.

Whether you already have a campaign running or you need one built from scratch, we can help you get it setup, organized, and running smoothly. We’ll manage your bids, utilize A/B testing to find the right ads and keywords, make refinements when necessary, and even conduct experiments to discover approaches we may be missing.

And as the months pass, we’ll offer detailed reports that let you know exactly what’s going on with your marketing efforts. We can create these reports and automatically send them your way, on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. So, you never have to worry about being out of the loop.

From start to finish, we can help you take your PPC advertising efforts to the next level and beyond.

Develop Your Landing Page

You can have the greatest PPC campaign in the world. But if the landing page your prospective customers reach when they click that link is a dud… well, all of your hard work will be for nothing. That’s why we specialize in building landing pages that are optimized to increase conversions.

Make sure that your customers know what their next step is with a high-quality, targeted landing page.