About Us – The Origin Profile

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Founder & Chief Digital Strategist
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The Origin Profile

Don’t you just love the “About Us” section of websites like this one that are written in the 3rd person, when in reality they’re written by the site owner him or herself? So rather than try to fool you into thinking I’m so important that someone else clamored to write this for me, I’m just going to come clean and confess that I wrote this section myself.

Oh, and as you can see, I decided to change the name of this section from “About Us,” to “The Origin Profile.” I just think it sounds cooler.

Anyway, I want to share with you a little bit about my journey to this point and the origin of Digital RockStar Agency (DRA)…

Hi, my name is Eddie and I’m the founder and co-owner of Digital RockStar Agency. For over 10 years I’ve been marketing online and helping business owners attract new customers from the internet.

I live in Connecticut with my beautiful wife Amy and our amazing son Cameron, but I am a native New Yorker, born in Queens, brought up in Westchester County, and I lived in the heart of Manhattan for several years before Amy and I got married.

My father was a dentist who specialized in maxillofacial surgery and had a successful dental practice in mid-town Manhattan for over 30 years. I studied psychology at Pace University in New York, but my real education came from working with my Dad at his dental practice.

I learned an enormous amount about marketing, about how to run a business and about the entrepreneurial mindset and tenacity one needs in order to be successful in business. Dad has passed on now, but I’m truly grateful for the love, knowledge and work ethic he gave me, and for what the opportunity of working closely with him has provided.

When I started DRA, we worked mainly with companies in the dental and medical industry, including Fortune 500 companies Henry Schein and Patterson Dental. I quickly discovered how using my unique skill-set could assist business owners in not only bringing in new customers, but in helping them to reach the goals they set for their businesses, which ultimately makes their lives better. That is what I’m really passionate about, and I get great satisfaction when I can play a part in helping my clients get from where they are, to where they wanna be.

I named the company Digital RockStar Agency because my first love has always been music. I write music and lyrics; play the guitar, piano and sing, and I started my first band at the very mature age of 9. I still have a band today and enjoy playing live shows.

There’s nothing like the feeling of being on stage playing music that you wrote, vibing with your fellow musicians and bandmates, and seeing people in the audience having a blast.

But back to the subject at hand… DRA has come a long way since the start and now I have an amazing team of people who are all smarter than I am (don’t tell them I said that). They help me run the business and together we get great results for our clients – that’s all that matters to us!

Since our inception, DRA has evolved from a one-man band, into a successful digital marketing firm and we’ve helped thousands of business owners along our journey. We are passionate about helping business owners with their digital marketing, and allowing them to get back to what they are exceptional at, and what they truly love to do, which in most cases is providing outstanding services to their clientele.

I’m not sharing any of this with you to toot my own horn, but rather to let you know that my team and I have plenty of experience with digital online marketing, so if you come on board with us, you’ll be in good hands. (by the way, I’ve flopped on a few business ventures as well, unrelated to DRA  …just keepin’ it real).

Some of the things I enjoy doing in my free time are traveling to new places with my family, coaching my son’s baseball  and basketball teams and playing music with my band.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page and for considering our services.


Digital RockStar Agency helps entrepreneurial companies and professionals stand out from their competition and become THE obvious choice in their market. We bring them consistent online visibility and exposure that generates a weekly flow of new client inquiries within 30 days.

Typically, business owners contact us when they’ve grown frustrated, perhaps they don’t have enough new opportunities coming in, or maybe they’re just not sure when or where their next new client is going to come from. Or maybe they are, and they’re looking to grow their company but don’t have the volume of clients they need;
They might have been burned in the past by working with another agency who wasn’t as trust-worthy, or they hired a so-called “guru” who really didn’t know what he was doing and couldn’t deliver results for them.

Whatever happened in the past, we help them turn things around, and help them get FOUND online by their ideal customers.